Characteristics of Unique Selling Propositions

Updated: Jun 21

Great Unique Selling Propositions have the following characteristics:

  1. They contain one crisp, clear, sentence.

  2. They are credible.

  3. They describe the unique benefit associated with your products or services, focusing on your market niche.

  4. They state in measurable terms how your small business satisfies a customer’s needs.

How Developing a Winning USP

  1. Gather the right people together in a comfortable meeting room.

  2. Make sure that everyone has a paper and pencil (not computers).

  3. Explain the purpose of your meeting.

  4. Brainstorm.

  5. List the unique benefits your small business offers to customers.

  6. Eliminate the entire list except for the three most important items.

  7. Write one creative, concise statement that best communicates each USP.

  8. Meet again the next day to choose a single winner from among the three, and finetune the wording.

  9. Begin communicating the USP to employees, customers, and the entire world right away.

  10. Completely integrate the USP into all marketing and sales efforts, and include it in every communication emanating from your small business.


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